Can I ask you a Question, please?

It's probably the one question I am asked the most, the question about asking a question, to which I always answer, sure thing. I'm always happy to offer answer or an opinion wherever and whenever I can, providing I have one that is. So this week I thought I'd shed a little bit of light … Continue reading Can I ask you a Question, please?


Scales, Fails and Wails

I think it's time we discussed something that is long overdue. Something that plagued me for a long time and deterred me from truly being able to appreciate the goals and results I got as part of my LCHF/Keto life until earlier this year. Those damn scales! Anyone who takes me on as their coach … Continue reading Scales, Fails and Wails

Don’t Harsh my Mellow, Man!! or Words to that Effect.

One November Spawned a monster In the shape of this child Who later cried... But Jesus made me, so Jesus save me from Pity, sympathy And people discussing me A frame of useless limbs What can make good All the bad that's been done? Well, truth be told I was actually born in October, but … Continue reading Don’t Harsh my Mellow, Man!! or Words to that Effect.

Why LCHF has been my ‘Magic Pill’

The release of The Magic Pill on to Netflix over the past couple of weeks has been a warmly welcomed milestone within the Keto/LCHF community, and why wouldn't it be? Finally a positive, uplifting film about our lifestyle. Pete Evans has been everywhere since this occurred including a great must listenĀ  to interview with our … Continue reading Why LCHF has been my ‘Magic Pill’